Presbyterian church: Rev Henry Anye bows out.

The Rt. Rev. Henry Anye Awasom, Moderator Emeritus of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, passed away in the early hours of Thursday, June 9, at the Bamenda General Hospital. He was 73. Late Awasom’s wife, Mrs. Susan Awasom,disclosed last Saturday June 11, at Rev. Awasom’s residence at Mile 8, Mankon, that, though her husband was bed-ridden before he passed on, he will remain ever fresh in her memory because of his caring attitude and the love he had for his children and the PCC that he served for all his life on earth. “I am devastated because I am alone and I will keep praying for him. It is said, in every situation; give thanks to God, because He is the Giver and Taker.” Mrs. Awasom admitted that the church, from time to time, came in to assist her sick husband. “We have been contacted so that, together with the PCC, we will give him a befitting burial.” A private Senior Nurse, Dilys Ngum, who took care of late Awasom until his death, told this reporter that the former Moderator was hypertensive and diabetic. “That is why, in 2005, he was evacuated to Canada at the invitation of one of his daughters and he spent about five months in intensive care. He returned later to Cameroon and continued with his treatment.” She revealed that: “I was brought in by the family to take care of Pa and the Church provided the medication.” Informing Cameroonians, Presbyterian Cameroonians and Christian sympathisers and well wishers on the former Moderator’s passing on, his nephew (also a pastor) the Rev Jonathan Awasom, wrote from the United States of America: “It has been confirmed by my family that my uncle, the Rt Rev Henry Anye Awasom, who has been sick for about the past eight years, was finally called to rest yesterday. “He slept in the lord peacefully, with his wife and family members by him.


About Cameroon this week
I am a Cameroonian from the south west region, currently concluding my studies in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea. I have a special interest in reporting news about social events.

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