A group of unidentified armed robbers carried out an operation last Thursday June 12th, 2011 at about the hours of 9 pm in Biaka Street assaulting one Joseph Tasofore after his hard day at the office.
Joseph T. was back from his job site at the Family Federation Office in Molyko.They had had a brief meeting with the staff and he was about to go on trip to Bertoua.He narrates that as he stepped out of the car a gang of youngsters approached him. “They assaulted me with a gun, treathening to shoot if I dare shout.I said to myself I will not die in silence, so I shouted  at the peak of my voice. My wife and kid heard me so they carried on,”he painfully recalls the incident.The victim said, that gesture angered the thieves who began slashing his skin at random.”They fell on me, the first cut was on my hand, the second on my head and the third one on my face,”he explained while showing the spots.
The wife of the victim, Catherine Tasefore confessed hearing the dog seriously barking a few minutes prior to the assault but reluctantly thaught it was due to passers-by. Catherine said her attention was drawn by her daughter who told her:” Mumy some boys are bitting papa outside” She immediately rushed to the balcony and began shouting for help. Though these armed robbers treathened to shoot if she did not keep quiet, she said “I continued so they fired the gun fortunately it did not get at me”
Joseph T. said the armed robbers must have probably learnt that his son was back from the States that is why they came hoping to meet him at home. But he was here just for research with the Panafricaan institute and left a day ago to process his travelling documents in Yaounde. The thieves were said to have fled as soon the police was alerted. Joseph was rushed to the Mount Mary Hospital where he is gradually responding to medical treatment.

Veteran journalist and Executive Editor at the Post, Francis Wache in the early hours of Friday 13th 2011 was attacked by 6 hooded men in his compound.Francis was home after chairing a meeting for the next publication the Summit Magazine. While he was urinating outside, he said he saw a couple of youngsters brandishing cutlasses, sticks and guns moved towards him. They ordered him to keep quiete menacing of death if he dare open his mouth.They asked him to bring out the ssum of 2 millions FCFA he was keeping in his house but he boldly told them if he had such amount of money he would rather keep it in the bank than at home. This reply irritated the assaulters who immediately started slahing his hand with a matchet while insisting to get the 2 millions FCFA. Francis was forced to open the door of his house as he tried to lure them to a different room other than his own. But they were too smart to notice that thheir victim was out playing games with them so they bit him even more.” Itwas my daughter who managedto set off an alarm that was replicated by some neighbours which force these youngsters to flee. While leaving they admitted having being sent by someone and promised to come back any time soon,”he recalled.
Francis was taken to the Regional Hospital where he is responding to treatment. He said though he is yet to forward a formal complaint to the police about the natuure of the assault, a commissioner however paid him a visit in the morning during which he was drilled. Francis says his daughter and son were also hurt as they tried to call the police during that incident. Many believe the assaults have been committed by the same culprits, police investigations would throw more light  into the issue  soon


About Cameroon this week
I am a Cameroonian from the south west region, currently concluding my studies in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea. I have a special interest in reporting news about social events.

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