French-kidnapped family still in the claws of Boko Haram


French family facing hell

By Anthony Njie

Boko Haram Nigerian terrorists released a broadcast on March 18th 2012, showing a man, allegedly the father of the French family that was kidnapped recently in Northern Cameroon, pleading France  and Cameroon to “do all they can” as a bargain for their freedom.

Nigerian journalists received this video footage in which the victim, Tanguy Moulin-Fournie read a communiqué in French and English, painstakingly evoking the deplorable living conditions under which they have been kept for almost a month now.

In the footage, Moulin-Fournier ascertains they are in the hands of Jamaatu Ahlisunnah Lidda’awatiwal Jihad, the Arabic name for the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram.

“We are loosing strength as days go by and we are already manifesting the first signs of an illness,” he stressed.” Water, heat, food and sleep in Africa under those conditions makes living a nightmare for whites and worse for the kids,” he lamented.

His plea to the French ambassador to Nigeria and the President of the Cameroon Paul Biya respectively hinges on a petition addressed by Boko Haram: “free political prisoners of the Islamist group found in Nigeria and Cameroon.”

The Moulin-Fournier family, made up of four children aged between 5-12 years was kidnapped on Febuary, 19th 2012 on a borderline between Nigeria and Cameroon. Five days later, individuals claiming affiliation with the terrorist group did an online-broadcast of a video footage of this family from an unidentified site.


About Cameroon this week
I am a Cameroonian from the south west region, currently concluding my studies in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea. I have a special interest in reporting news about social events.

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