Cameroonians Advised To Eat Much Plant Food

By Anthony Njie

Cameroonians have been advised to feed mostly on fruits, legumes and vegetables in a bid to remain sound and healthy.
The National Coordinator of World Fascination Plant, Dr. Justin Okolle gave the advice to participants at a working session to celebrate the International Day of Plants on May 21, at the Delegation of Research and Innovation, Buea.
“The tendency nowadays is to under look those who feed on natural sources of food like tubers, legumes or fruits, unaware of the fact that this form of diet constantly removes toxic waste from our body,” Okolle said.
Fast foods which are highly purchased, he continued, have been proven by scientists worldwide to be the leading cause of cancer-related diseases due to high concentration of preservatives used during their packaging process.
The toxic waste found in these tins could, in the long-term, be the source of severe body dysfunctions and, in the worst case scenario result in an incurable infection.
Okolle revealed that research in human anatomy has found glaring similarities between the long digestive system of herbivorous animals and that of human, certainly designed to process the food we eat and to extract glucose; unlike carnivorous animals such as the cat or the dog, with very short intestines which explains why they crave for meat.
Apart from the medicinal and supernatural values of some plants like

Preserving more than 200 of the world's medicinal plant species growing on the slope of  West Africa's highest Mountain remains an unending struggle.

Preserving more than 200 of the world’s medicinal plant species growing on the slope of West Africa’s highest Mountain remains an unending struggle.

the lemon grass and garlic, participants were equally drilled on the role they play in general in the sustainability of the ecosystem; mainly by reducing soaring temperatures caused by green house gases, avoiding earth erosion and landslides, and sustaining the unending food chain above which Mankind sits.
A Forester working with ERUDEF, Asa’a Lemawah, appealed to the public for the conservation of the Southwest Region’s forest which is keeping precious tree species about to go extinct.
“Cameroon is harboring 15 of the world’s 32 most endangered tree species and is ranked 16 on the list of countries growing these scarce species, some used in treating ailments like prostate cancer. Though we have been involved in seed planting to revive some of those species, the success has been a mild one. That is why we call on you to adopt a responsible behaviour toward the environment and to compensate what we take from mother Earth by planting trees proportionately to the number of people in our Family.” She entreated participants
Lessons on nursing yam and plantain tubers for massive farm production were also taught to participants.


About Cameroon this week
I am a Cameroonian from the south west region, currently concluding my studies in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea. I have a special interest in reporting news about social events.

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