Bishop Rogan College Hosts Maiden Reforestation Project

By Anthony Njie

Students of Bishop Rogan College, Buea in the Southwest Region have been host to a maiden pilot project on tree planting geared towards building responsible behaviour on nature preservation.

“The exercise carried out on the school campus is only preparing a better tomorrow for us and our offspring,” said Barrister Innocent Bonu representing Liberty Eco an NGO with a bent on human rights, economic and environmental protection.

The event, which took place at the Bishop Rogan school premises, September 20, saw more than a dozen potted species of timber trees planted in the school

Bishop Bushu showing the good example by planting the first tree

Bishop Bushu showing the good example by planting the first tree


Upon maturity, the selected species would be used to produce furniture, medicine and fire wood, and their leaves would serve as organic manure for future generation.

He noted that nature is in all its wonders, a gift from God for mankind to use, but the latter has abused it through the rampant felling of trees.

The legal expert said multinationals that cut down trees and plants under the guise of providing indigenes with bio-fuel are not different from human rights abusers.

Liberty Eco consultant and the brainchild of the project, Denis Kumbo, observed that human activities have altered nature’s seasonal cycle in recent years, making urgent Earth’s rescue mission.

For example, recent environmental reports on global warming in Mexico, said Kumbo, have caused unprecedented levels of flood and drought, the near extinction of biodiversity and igniting climate change which all play out to the progressive demise of humanity.

Kumbo exhorted the students and the teachers on urgent measures to tackle these environmental crises.

“Plant a tree now, for it has the potential of reversing these side effects,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bishop Rogan’s Environmental Club Prefect, Pascal Nywayi, promised to put his knowledge and skill in agriculture at the disposal of his school mates to leave a landmark not only in school but also wherever they find themselves.

To him, the only way for mankind to seek remission for the cruel deeds committed against mother Earth is to adopt an eco-friendly attitude and save the planet from imminent ruin.

The current Secretary General of Bishop Rogan Ex-students, William Lyonga, who doubles as the President of Environmental Club, said the project bodes well as teachers are eager to participate in the school farm, which will instil in students a plant-conservation mindset, and in due time, increase revenue for the school.







About Cameroon this week
I am a Cameroonian from the south west region, currently concluding my studies in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea. I have a special interest in reporting news about social events.

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